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Enhancing lives through Innovation
HCI Health Innovation Hubs taking the best in health innovation to the world. HCI is proud to have grown globally from our head office and first campus in Victoria Australia. Our initial HCI Health Innovation Hubs will be located in Melbourne Australia and regional Victoria and we look forward to taking the best in healthcare Innovation from Victoria Australia to the world and bringing the world’s best Healthcare Innovations to the great state of Victoria Australia.

The aim of our HCI’S 'Health innovation hubs' is to immerse students in the world of innovation and healthcare innovation by combining scientific health care innovation practice and theory with sound business management and innovation practice and theory to create build and understand the most innovative health care products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, policies, research and implementation.
Our HCI Health Innovation hubs are intended to immerse students and equip them to use sound theory and practice to formulate new healthcare innovations that will lead the world in advancement of healthcare and patient care.

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What is Health Innovation Hub?

Innovation is a very deep-rooted notion. The term has made its way into healthcare:

  • a new idea, device, or method
  • The act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods.


To become a global provider of healthcare education and research


Create jobs, improve lives


Health education and global well-being

Our project responds to a gap/absence of Health-related Innovation Hubs in Victoria. The establishment of HCI Health Innovation hubs by us in conjunction with our TAFE and industry partners will improve Victoria’s innovation capability and innovation agenda in the area of Medical Technology and Pharmaceuticals. Worldwide innovation hubs are characterized by start-ups supported by leading academic and research institutions, easy access to venture funds, accelerators and an open, collaborative ecosystem that enables innovation. This supports the view of our Director of Innovation, Professor Antony Jacobson that our HCI innovation hubs will be essential to drive innovation and that our HCI Innovation hub project will assist Victoria moving forward in supporting health innovation / start ups and boost economic activity in addition to increasing significantly Victoria’s innovation capability.
The project is the creation, development, promotion and utilisation of Health Innovation Hubs at all HCI campuses under the direction of HCI's dedicated entrepreneur-in-residence and Innovation Project Manager, Professor Antony Jacobson (a Deans Fellow of Innovation at Hebrew University). The creation of such hubs will address the significant need identified by Esmond that higher education in VET colleges should: aspire new heights; rather than offering inferior versions of higher education, colleges are well-placed to respond to emerging forms of economic activity in an increasingly fragmented world where new knowledge often emerges outside the academy.
Their links with the workplace and with local communities can contribute to a clear, positive and higher vision of the future (Esmond 2014, p.5 ) stated in, Driving Vets role in the innovation system Thus far Professor Jacobson, HCIs (Health Career International Pty Ltd) Innovation Project Manager has analysed our current course offerings and the offerings of other RTOs and the VET sector, and identified large gaps between collaboration between the educational sector and industry regarding course offerings.
He has shared the enormous gains being enjoyed in countries such as Israel the start-up nation through the development of innovation hubs. Our proposal is to utilise the seed funding offered to research, refine and evaluate our proposal to develop with TAFE partners, Health Innovation Hubs in all of our Victorian campuses to inspire students to innovate in the health sector by collaborating with industry and develop a broadened mindset to seize entrepreneurial opportunity whether as a future employee or a start-up creator.
(A complete partnership proposal with TAFE and industry partners will be developed utilising seed funding if granted)

Key Focus areas

  • Understanding basis for practice improvement
  • Artificial intelligence and decision support systems to support safe, evidence-based precision healthcare
  • Creating new technologies and models of care to enable genuinely consumer driven care
  • Designing models of care which provide improved patient safety and quality
  • Understanding the relationship between health system complexity and health system performance.


‘Australia and the globe come together at HCI Health Innovation Hubs!’ At HCI we know to be globally connected offers immediate and future benefit for our students and our health care partners. That is why HCI is committed to establishing and growing our innovation footprint across the globe. HCI already has campuses throughout Australia, India, Dubai and soon in Silicon Valley.


HCI Health Innovation Hub Student Workshop
Held on 13th July,2019


Professor Antony Jacobson
Innovation Director

Professor of Innovation: Prof. Antony Jacobson
Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation / Global key note strategist and key note speaker on Innovation and Health care Innovation. Start-up / Scale up advisor, researcher and health care commercialisation strategist globally and sought after key note speaker and advisor on research commercialisation, Innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise. Professor Jacobson has presented across the world and is a regularly sought after speaker in Silicon Valley, Israel, Australia and Asia.

Professor Antony Jacobson is a globally renowned innovator & entrepreneur and was appointed April 2018 as Dean's fellow and Visiting Scholar on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Hebrew University Jerusalem. Previously Professor of Practice-Entrepreneurship, La Trobe University. Highly experienced at commercialising start-ups and raising equity globally. Significant background in commercialising ideas and concepts from inception to investor ready stage and to commercialising research and early stage ideas. Professor Jacobson oversees the academic rigour and commercial advancement of our HCI Health Innovation hubs and constantly ensures that our HCI Health Innovation Hubs are closely connected to leading global innovation hubs.


Mr. Bijo Kunnumpurath

Personal Touch, Grand Visions is his persona
Bijo Kunnumpurath is the Founder Director of Health Careers International – one of the leading global providers of healthcare education and research. An Indian-born citizen of Australia, he is the Managing Director of the Institute of Health and Nursing Australia (IHNA). In this capacity, he implements the vision of the organization on a global scale, providing the way forward in overseeing systems, and ensuring compliance with legal / statutory obligations. He is also adept in implementing policies in risk management and quality assurance
Bijo has been well recognized as an accomplished entrepreneur with remarkable business acumen. He has proven this time and again by integrating skills from several business backgrounds to bring about a proactive approach in business development, innovation, change management and governance, particularly in the education and training sectors.
Bijo holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a qualification in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a member of GAICD (Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors). Having worked extensively worldwide, he is held in high esteem as a notable socially-responsible personality in diverse communities across Australia, Malaysia and India. Believing in the value of continuous learning, Bijo is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the Swinburne University, in the field of good governance in private education.

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